Q: What can I expect during our encounter ?

A: When you are in my company we will be seen more as a couple, It is always remarked that  I am very classy lady, so if you are looking for Barbie plastic fantastic type, I am not a girl for you. Plastic- no, fantastic- yes.  I am an all natural beauty and although young,  behave as a lady in public with perfect manners, charming conversation and wit. I do have a very naughty side that we could both explore in more personal surrounding.


Q: Why did you choose escorting as your part time career?

A: I love being in the company of successful people. To me, success is the part of chemistry. Sadly people have many preconceptions and misconceptions about what I do . The the truth is I really enjoy what I do. This is my ultimate fantasy and love the excitement that comes from the unknown of who might be behind the door.


Q: What is your list of services?

A: I can’t stress that strong enough but I neither discuss nor advertise my services as I find it highly inappropriate. What you can expect is truly unique and an unforgettable girlfriend experience. Yet’ here i tried to gather the info. on related page.


Q: I would like you to wear on our date specific outfit. Can I come up with some suggestions?

A: Certainly, I have a collection of  elegant dresses, sexy lingerie, shoes and more.


Q: Could you send me your daytime picture?

A: Please do not ask, outside of this job I have a career and I pride myself in discretion.  I am pretty sure that you would not like to be seen with someone whose unblurred pictures circulate in whole cyberspace and could taint your reputation.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I am a sportaholic. This is where I get my amazing stamina from and I keep my energy levels high. I do not need any other source of endorphins other than sports, champagne  and ….

Q: I want to invite you for holiday but first I would like to find out if we click. Can we meet for chemistry check drink?

A: Yes, you can opt for shorter duration meeting/session, for first, in my city.


Q: Is it possible to see you with another girl, and the desire threesome will be true?

A: I am sorry, but No, into one on one fun only.

Q: How can we arrange national trip together?

A: It is very simple. I need a  50 % non refundable down payment which you will be asked to deposit directly into my account. On top of this, my flight/ticket fare would be added alongside a hotel booking confirmation which has to be made under my name. I understand, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances something might crop up and  if this is the case, I will keep the deposit which you can redeem against a future booking anytime within next 6 months.

Q: Can I get a little deal ?

A: I do not do deals, but I am sure you can find companions who charge less than me. There are also girls, who charge much more than I do but following the words of wise man: “It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little” I only see carefully selected gentlemen a few times a week which in my opinion is one of the component of being exclusive

companion. Please note that regardless our chemestry extended dates must be compensated accordingly.

Q: Can I ask you on date outside of your work and pay for your lunch, dinner or holiday ?

A: I am afraid the answer is no. I chose this as my part time career and clients who take me away or out understand that time for my companionship must be financially covered.

Q Can I pay you in foreign currency (‘other then’ inr, usd, euro or pound)?

A: Yes, but please bear in mind that a surcharge of 10% may apply on top of my fee.

I prefer Indian Currency, usd, euro and pound.

Q: Why did not you get back to me?

Most likely because your language or manner was inappropriate in your email. If you send me a message using slang or aggressive language, not putting any effort into writing a few sentences about yourself it is likely you will be ignored.  

Q: Can I count on your discretion?

A: To me discretion and confidentiality is paramount to this job. I also expect the same from you in return.

Q: What are your dislikes ?

A:  Bad hygiene, excessive use of alcohol  and barganing my prices. Treat me well and I will treat you even better.